Meet Our Brewmaster



Meet Our Brewmaster: JT

If you’ve ever stepped into CJ’s Brewery, the first things you may have noticed are the large bronze tanks located in the front of the bar. That’s the unique thing about CJ’s: we brew our own beer right in the bar, right where you can see every step of the process. We also have our very own brewmaster, JT, who single-handedly creates and brews all of our beers.

JT first began brewing beer while he was in college. He experimented with different small batches in his basement, learning as much as he could from other home brewers he knew. In 2006, CJ’s was in search of a brewer to bring new life into the bar, and JT was in search of a new career. In spite of his parents’ apprehension, he joined the CJ’s family and has never looked back.

Of all the many jobs he has had, JT says being brewmaster is the hardest and the best. He likes being able to create and experiment with different brews, and loves all the challenges that come along with brewing. He enjoys being active, learning, and keeping up with the busy demand at CJ’s.

When he isn’t drinking his favorite CJ’s brew, the Red Hagg Red, JT keeps busy trying beers from all over the country to explore what other brewers are doing.

In the future, JT wants to experiment with more fruit beers and use more local Michigan hops to brew the ales and lagers. He would also love to experiment with more high-gravity beers.

Stop in to see JT hard at work brewing your favorite CJ’s beer!